'Apocalyptic' landscape in aftermath of volcanic eruptions on St Vincent – BBC News

The Caribbean island of St Vincent has been blanketed in ash after the eruption of the La Soufrière volcano.

Over 15,000 people have been displaced only weeks away from hurricane season. Infrastructure and agriculture have also been severely impacted – and experts say the eruptions may continue for weeks or months.

The UN has launched a $20m (£14.4m) fundraising appeal to aid with and recovery.

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3 thoughts on “'Apocalyptic' landscape in aftermath of volcanic eruptions on St Vincent – BBC News

  1. Food connoisseur says:

    Your lands have been fertiled.. ash has so much nutrients specially volcanic..water your lands and let it absorb into your soils…water your gardens ..everyone run water outside their houses ..won’t be long untill it’s all used up and clean again…jesus…start crying oh catastrophie

  2. Adriana Trevino says:

    So does this mean they’re finally evacuating unvaccinated people now too? All these videos on Youtube and even an interview with the prime minister still hasn’t clarified that so I’m wondering where is the visual and audio proof that they are in fact evacuating unvaccinated people? Can someone please answer me on this because so far all I know and have seen and heard is that they’re only sheltering unvaccinated people on St. Vincent. Does anyone have proof unvaccinated people are being evacuated?


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