Climate Change: Your carbon footprint explained – BBC News

Tackling climate change is a big task, but there are clear ways of cutting your contribution to carbon emissions, also known as your carbon footprint.

This is how changing three aspects of your life can make a difference.

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3 thoughts on “Climate Change: Your carbon footprint explained – BBC News

  1. Jason Garner says:

    So the rich class pollute and the common masses get the blame, funny how experts would refer to my carbon footprint vs bill gates and that expert would say im the bigger polluter. False story, telling the truth is harder work though.

  2. Zeasnik says:

    Yeah blame US not the gross capitalist companies who CHEW through natural resources and blame US for wrecking the planet. Heres a though: Why not prosecute multi billion companies like Exxon, BP, and others who REFUSE to change their policies and CONTINUE to ruin our planet?? Oh that’s right they have money to dodge or even outright pay the tiny fines we place upon them for damaging our water ways, mountains and forest. No, let’s tell the every day person to stop buying plastic instead of bringing the hammer down on companies that make them. Yes lets all shun away from holding the rich CEOs responsible and making them PAY for THEIR carbon footprint, make THEM go green and net carbon positive. What a clown show this video was.

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