Coronavirus: Should we be vaccinating children? – BBC Newsnight

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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced he expects the vaccination of the country’s children to begin by the end of 2021.

Israel is currently leading the world in vaccinating its adult population with more than 60% of the population having received one dose and 56% having received two.

But vaccinating children is much more complicated than overcoming any fear they may have over injections. It throws up issues of science and ethics and at the heart is the question, why?

Newsnight’s Heath Correspondent Deb Cohen reports.

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3 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Should we be vaccinating children? – BBC Newsnight

  1. Jason Samuels says:

    Experimental drug. Hasn’t even been approved. Combine that with the fact that Covid barely effects kids anyway & has an average death range of 82 then the answer is no.. & if you think it is yes then I suggest you have been watching too much mainstream news media.

  2. Fabiana &Jack Cabral says:

    You’re just talking about one of the worst presidents that Brazil has ever had , and you’ve been forgotten the rest, please talk more about the hospital, there’s no place to put the people, full hospital
    People are being

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