Countries send aid to ease India's oxygen emergency – BBC News

International efforts are under way to help India as the country suffers critical oxygen shortages amid a devastating surge in Covid cases.

The UK has begun sending ventilators and oxygen concentrator devices. EU members are also due to send aid.

The US is lifting a ban on sending raw materials abroad, enabling India to make more of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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3 thoughts on “Countries send aid to ease India's oxygen emergency – BBC News

  1. We 4r1 says:

    The newsreader looks like she’s wearing a hospital gown, has she just escaped from somewhere? I am proud we are sending some useful aid, not just money, because financial aid doesn’t reach the people its intended for. I only hope those ventilators don’t end up in private hospitals, but are there to treat the poor also. India has a population of billions, they also have some of the richest people in the world living there. I think it’s time they dig into their pockets. If our system is corrupt, India is at a whole different level.

  2. Jos hua says:

    Compare the size of the population in India compared to the UK, death rates were on the same levels has the UK, even when the UK was in lockdown. The UK government had three months warning before covid hit the UK, to produce and supply ventilators to the health services, but decided to wait until covid reached the UK and keep on underfunding the National Health Service in the UK. Governments around the world, are all in this together for capital gain.

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