Countries send aid to ease India's oxygen emergency – BBC News

International efforts are under way to help India as the country suffers critical oxygen shortages amid a devastating surge in Covid cases.

The UK has begun sending ventilators and oxygen concentrator devices. EU members are also due to send aid.

The US is lifting a ban on sending raw materials abroad, enabling India to make more of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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3 thoughts on “Countries send aid to ease India's oxygen emergency – BBC News

  1. Kolgai says:

    This is fake news by Marxist-Lenninist-Missionary-Naxalite-Mullah-funded BBC. Actually what is happening is that this is Modiji’s brilliant plan to curb India’s overpopulation. And all the foreign aid is a result of Modiji’s tiresome work during his foreign travels in his recently bought luxury plane costing 800 crore rupees. Wah, the man works 20 hours every day.

  2. Public Public says:

    The incompetent complacent complicit middle class administrating the rich getting richer for the poor to get poorer perpetually sticking their heads in the sand
    thinking the great big monster wont bite their arses off if they just stay quiet and don’t make a fuss…
    an inadequate welfare system and a broken health care system are an incubator for pandemic.
    And this is what happens to the biggest middle class in the world administrating the piss on the poor policy.

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