India “running out of vaccines” as Covid crisis deepens – BBC News

There are warnings that India is running out of coronavirus vaccines, despite its government promising to rapidly accelerate the national vaccination programme.

Less than 10% of India’s population has so far received a first vaccination and Indian manufacturers have complained of shortages of vital raw materials as they try to meet the huge demand.

India’s healthcare system is struggling to deal with the scale of the nation’s Covid crisis. More than 352,000 new cases have been reported in the past 24 hours.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Devina Gupta in Delhi.

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3 thoughts on “India “running out of vaccines” as Covid crisis deepens – BBC News

  1. The Villager says:

    There is a mismanagement of everything. Recourses are less but if we utilised it properly, it would’ve never been like that.
    Oxygen is there in country (although a bit less) but not being made available to the patients and hospitals. I mean the govt and health departments are unable but NGO’s are providing Oxygen.
    80% people are still fighting over religions and political parties.
    No one is taking the responsibility.(Barring social organisations and a few celebrities.)
    Citizens are trying best to help but some of them are not equipped and some are mislead.
    It’s a crisis. But people are still not taking it seriously

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