India 'shaken by Covid storm' – BBC News

India has registered a new world record for daily coronavirus infections for the fourth day in a row.

Almost 350,000 new cases and more than 2,700 deaths were reported in the past 24 hours.

The Indian capital Delhi has extended its lockdown for another week as Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the country had been shaken by a “storm” and urged people to get vaccinated.

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3 thoughts on “India 'shaken by Covid storm' – BBC News

  1. Madhav JK says:

    Thanks for the overwhelming prayers from all across the world.

    Though this is not the time to blame anyone, I would like everyone to know how inefficient ruler our prime minister is. It has been one-and-half year since the pandemic hit the world, and see this PM has no forethought to get things together and improve the health infrastructure in the country. He didn’t utilise this time properly improve bed strength in nations hospitals, ICUs, oxygen and ventilator supplies, didn’t provide proper PPE, medicines, and so on. In stead, he has been busy in dividing the nation based on religious grounds and in conducting huge election rallies nationwide without himself following COVID precautions. He has thrown a blind eye on KUMBH MELA where hundreds of thousands of people participated ignoring the COVID protocols. He didn’t took expert advise into consideration.

    I am sorry to say that he is unfit to rule the country and he must step down from the chair.

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