India 'shaken by Covid storm' – BBC News

India has registered a new world record for daily coronavirus infections for the fourth day in a row.

Almost 350,000 new cases and more than 2,700 deaths were reported in the past 24 hours.

The Indian capital Delhi has extended its lockdown for another week as Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the country had been shaken by a “storm” and urged people to get vaccinated.

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3 thoughts on “India 'shaken by Covid storm' – BBC News

  1. Yasmin Mawani says:

    Those “religious” leaders who encouraged people to go to the Kum Mela should be blamed during Covid. They brainwashed people’s minds by giving them wrong information. These people have put everyone’s life in danger. One can stay at home and pray without performing any rituals. God is “everywhere”. Please “Stay Home and be Safe” ,and follow the rules put by Health Authorities. My sympathy for all those suffering. From: 🇨🇦 Canada

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