India’s Covid crisis deepens with more than 200,000 deaths confirmed – BBC News

In India the pandemic is getting worse with more than 200,000 deaths officially confirmed.

On average in the past week more than 340,000 cases of coronavirus have been reported each day.

Across the country hospitals are struggling with a shortage of oxygen and beds.

And there are questions about whether mutations in the coronavirus are behind the country’s huge surge in cases.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Yogita Limaye in Delhi and science correspondent Rebecca Morelle.

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3 thoughts on “India’s Covid crisis deepens with more than 200,000 deaths confirmed – BBC News

  1. Premkumar Waghmare says:

    India has the tallest statue in the World, Biggest Cricket ground in the
    World and IPL Cricket league is happening in the mid of Covid Crises
    Shame to the World Cricket Feternity , State Elections happening, Social
    Festivals still happening, Internal Politics on the peak, Hospitals
    failing, Token’s given at cemetery, False Covid numbers being reported,
    75 % are jailed in home by the name of lockdown, Loss of Jobs, Shops
    closed, Lack of Oxygen supplies, Fire incidents killing lot of patients in the hospitals, People
    have not understood there is no one to help, People are on
    their own luck and safety, To live a normal day has become a dream now
    for the Millions

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