Surfer's 'shock' reunion with long-lost board – BBC News

After losing his favourite surfboard four years ago, Australian Danny Griffiths was shocked to find it had been discovered some 2,700km (1,670 miles) away.

Exactly how it made it there remains a bit of a mystery, but the big wave rider said the board was still “100% surfable”.

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3 thoughts on “Surfer's 'shock' reunion with long-lost board – BBC News

  1. IronWhy says:

    Why did they “clean” the barnacles off?
    – It looked so much better with them. (It reminded me somehow of the “Flying Dutchman” in “Pirates of the Carribean”.)
    – The scientists would have had much more stuff to take samples from.
    – Even if he could use this board again, was it really worth to travel all that way to pick it up and then repair it?
    (I am sure he got more than one surfboard already and even if not – I assume that with the money and time spent,
    he could have just got a new “custom made” board instead…)
    [Although I have to admit I really don’t know much about surfing and exact prices of surf boards, but understand that they can cost around 1.000 $ or even more…]

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