Surfer's 'shock' reunion with long-lost board – BBC News

After losing his favourite surfboard four years ago, Australian Danny Griffiths was shocked to find it had been discovered some 2,700km (1,670 miles) away.

Exactly how it made it there remains a bit of a mystery, but the big wave rider said the board was still “100% surfable”.

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3 thoughts on “Surfer's 'shock' reunion with long-lost board – BBC News

  1. Serenity says:

    Reminds me of that Blue Water High episode when Eric spends all his money in his bank account to purchase a shiny new surfboard. The slightly stormy weather and surfing without a leg lope resulted in the board being lost after the first surfing session. RIP ~$800 or so. But it didn’t end on such a bad note šŸ™‚

  2. StrangerThanFiction says:

    Your only hope and salvation from this madness is Jesus Christ. You`re a sinner, Jesus was crucified for your sins on the cross so you could live forever with him. He provided a way out. Repent or face his judgement and wrath for the time is at hand, these are the end times.

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