Why a US photographer says 'sorry for the war' – BBC News

With his photographs, Peter van Agtmael chronicles the perception of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the reality of the conflicts.

Video by Joaquim Salles

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3 thoughts on “Why a US photographer says 'sorry for the war' – BBC News

  1. Kary Herndon says:

    If …we can get our American troops home in September.. that would be great. Thanks for this photographers ‘ experiences on film. My 33 year old son was in sixth grade, when 9/11 happened. Imagine a whole generation of millennials in this never ending war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Former President George W. Bush has become a tree farmer and paints lovely portraits of service veterans from the conflict zones…!! And, nowadays of immigrants.. he wants to describe in his published book. As former commander in Chief he has published two books on his paintings …which I love as the war president then. (It’s just got to be that new President Joe Biden brings our troops home as promised.) We need this very badly for our combat troops to return home. Thanks for this very fitting story.

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